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At a time when one only thinks of playing ball, Stephan Starenkyj preferred his pencils and paper. His drawing abilities led him to study architecture and after graduating from McGill University, he practiced his profession in the Québec city area, in the French West Indies and in the Eastern Townships. During all that time he did not set aside his love for painting and drawing and as result, 51 of his pen and ink drawings were published under the title : Bellechase en blanc et noir. This unique collection has been acclaimed and appreciated by the general public. Through the years his realistic style has developed into an expression of great intensity. A simple barn, worn and twisted by time, a silent landscape, boats at rest ......, become a message of perseverance and lasting serenity.

New: slide show of Stefan Starenkyj's work currently in the galleries at The Victory.


Below are some more of his paintings that have previously been exhibited at The Victory, and which are now in private collections.


Schooner America, circa 1901
oil 30" x 40"
Le Valère élite à Tadoussac
20" x 24" , Huile (oil)
Bateaux de pêche au repos (Martinique)
30" x 36" , Huile (oil)
Bateaux de pêche au Maine
30" x 36" , Huile (oil)
La chaine (Anchored)
24" x 20" , Huile (oil)
Navires dans le Port de Montréal
oil 48" x 36"


artwork etching
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