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Canadian Society of Marine Artists

21st Annual Exhibition
Canadian Society of Marine Artists
April 16th to 25th 2004
at the
Picton Art Gallery, 133 Main Street, Picton


Following our opening night and gala dinner at the Waring Hall, and by popular demand, we are proud to announce this continuation of our 21st Annual Show. Exhibiting CSMA artists are: Yves Bérubé, Harry Heine, John M. Horton, O. K. Schenk, and Ray Warren. The invited exhibitors are Malcolm Armstrong, Mark Boden, Ken Deeley, Daniel Richards, and Tibs Yardley-Latham.


Homecoming by John M. Horton FCA, CSMA

Cherry’s Beach by Daniel Richardson

Unless indicated, all works on display will be available for purchase.

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